Saturday, January 04, 2014


be careful what you wish for, he might just call.

had phone four days, and both Sin and Raphael have called Information to get my number.

Not interested in talking with Sin.

As for Ralph, I think I need a friend, a roomie and help with money.  Rationalization, maybe.....going to get hurt, probably,....realizing that hes probably the only one that's seeking to spend time with me while the others have left me, most definite.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

January 2nd, Thursday

Game Night.  Slept till 3pm.  Only had land line phone two days and got telemarketing calls.  Still going good on not eating that much, but mother almost wrecked it when she brought me TWO Mcribs on tuesday.  Had about 1500 calories yesterday, including a big piece of bread. ugh....gotta stop.

I feel the prozac working again, after a week.  Instead of that Devil May Care attitude, it's more like Devil May Notice.  Still not ready to deal with the world without a mood altering drug.

January 1st, Wednesday

Spent the day asleep.  Discovered a tiny wound on my right toe, trying to make sure it doesn't get infected.  Still limiting my food intake, can't be like this forever.  I'm sooo hungry.
Feeling very removed from everything. Tired of life, missing out on everything.  Tired I can't go to the dentist with a cracked tooth, having to miss out on a job that I really didn't want due to someone taking their time to fix my phone line.  Tired of paying for overnight shipping to get the item four days later.