Thursday, May 24, 2012

bang up job

Scary Times

The infection in my foot got worse, and I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital while fighting to keep my leg.  I've been home a week now, and the isolation is setting in. 

They put me on prozac, and some days I feel it...but not today.   John is working out of town and has little time/interest in even hanging out anymore.  He's still there if I need him, but I think the friendship has diminished.  Katie's husband has taken a job in another state for a few weeks, and that means she's not able to visit for over a month.

DeWayne has had surgery and I can't reach him on the phone.  Randy works all the time, and my new friend Sean just found a new gf, after telling me he probably won't be moving in afterall.

Sophie is always around though.

I'm walking on my foot eventhough I'm not supposed to be.  Lost 30lbs since April 4th's dr's visit.  I hope it continues.  I have a dream of running with sophie one day...through a park, or on a beach. 

Sometimes, the lonliness gets to me.  I did a bangup job keeping people at bay didn't I?