Tuesday, May 29, 2007


elusive, evading....ever close yet distant as the stars I fear will fall if wished upon.


Jeanette: I still have resentment that you've abandoned me, both physically and emotionally. Was I reminder of something you couldn't have, or something you didn't want?

John: I gave myself up for you. I gave you more than I could give and you still wasn't satisfied. You lied, you cheated and I loved you through it all. You were the first to break my heart.

Adam: I should have tried to make it better but I just couldn't see what I had until I'd driven you away. I think I was too afraid to truly let you know how much you meant to me.

Steven: You took the las piece of me....I don't think I have anything else to give.

Randy: You are the dream never fully realized. I wish you didn't have to sacrifice love to have the child you've always wanted. In that, you remind me of John.

Sandrah: I wish I could be the father of your children, but that would be me being a selfish asshole because I know you'd get hurt. You were my last chance to have a family.