Saturday, July 28, 2012

When I had a young heart
I got a late start
I was too afraid to love
Afraid of my body
Or anybody
Thinking of what I thought of
Now I'm growing older
I'm getting bolder
Confident in my own skin
I just want to come through
I want to come too
I just want to let you in

Hold me underwater
Teach me how to breathe
I'm no son or daughter
I'm nothing just me
I'm just me

Your love is a warm cloak
A trail of thick smoke
Leading me towards the fire
All I want are your lips
Redder than rose hips
Sleeping next to my desire
Show me what to live for
And how to give more
Because of you I believe
You and I can foment
The perfect moment
Free dimensionality

All that I ever want is more
More of what I have never had
More of what I have never had before