Monday, November 12, 2012


Up again early this morning, listening to cold rain hitting my window.

In the past month, I've been reacquainted to Chris previous "randy", made some new friends, seen a belly dance, human sacrafice and scott's in the hospital with a coma.

I can feel old friendships dying.  Neither of us are inclined to even talk much to each other.  I guess there just isn't anything to say.  I still tweet relevant stuff, but that desire to share everything, just left me. I wish I could sad about it, but all I feel is removed. 

Like my mother.  She's so disenchanted with life, I find it a burden to even talk to her.  My only real enoyment is laying with Sophie as I read.  Quiet moments with her warmth and devotion. 

The healing of my foot has slowed down again, and I stay paranoid about infections.  My sugar levels have been varying wildly, admittedly I've not been taking my shots immediately.  I must stay on top of this, but again....feeling removed.

For my homework assignment in Astronomy, researched Europa scheduled mission in 2020.  I'll be fifty years old.