Sunday, May 29, 2005


My baby is away for the weekend and my thoughts are lingering on this intern here for the summer. Somehow I had thought being in an open relationship would allow for moments such as these but when one doesn't have his partner's permission, then what's to be done?

Le Sigh. I'm spending too much time watching his lithe body adjust to myriad postions, his flashing eyes darting over my body, and his sneers which are ever so coy. Still though....these thoughts are do not compare to those I have of Adam.

Into my life he came, a Christmas surprise. I'm in love and I didn't think it possible again after so many years alone...after John. This is only the second time we've been separated since meeting.

We met online on christmas eve, and a chance meeting it was. I had signed into biggercity from boredom. I'd not intended on spending more than a few moments but there he was. The scene was dark, as if it were black and white but somehow tinted blue through accident from the glow of his screen. I sent a quick comment and after several moments, I received the obligatory smile emote.

Then he saw who I was and flipped. He thought I was very attractive....what were the words? "You're the hottest fucking guy I've ever seen in here! Can we talk on yahoo?". Later I found he'd only been there twice so my perspective was restored.

A week later, after many late night phone conversations, he drove to meet me on New Years Eve. This young guy was driving eleven hours to see me. How nervous I was when he arrived, so much that I couldn't look at him directly.

He left after several days, then came back three weeks later. He's not been from my side since. It's about time that he's returned home to get some clothes. It'll be official tomorrow when he comes back.

One more night of curling up to his pillows. One more night trying to sleep without feeling his warm body against me. One more night until I feel complete once more.