Friday, March 02, 2012

removing the toxin

So the roomie is moving.  Witth each passing moment, I'm quite sure this is absolutely the best thing.  He lies, steals and then tries to turn it back on me.  He even uses my computer to go online to make me out as the asshole.  lol.

What he's told me:
He intended on selling his busted jeep, giving me 300 and then moving, but he can't find the title.  Apparently he never had the title put in his name since it broke two weeks after buying it.  Which means he never even plated it in his name.  Then PA cut his unemployment off and he only got 190 this last payment.  He finally talked to me Wednesday night, ran some stuff by me.  Said his mother offered to come get him, and that he was going back to Oklahoma.  He wanted to go so badly, that he said he'd probably just leave big shit like his tv, and maybe his jeep here.

What I suspect:
He moved here to be with Kim, the married woman.  He has a history of being on the verge of marrying two women, that ran as far as they could from him  She hasn't been around since right after Christmas. 

What is Known:
I verified online that PA did quit higher tier payments on unemployment as of Feb 18th.  I also changed his user account password on my computer, logged on and started up Firefox.  He has it set up go to right to Facebook....where I read all that he's saying to family.  

He's made me me out to be the biggest asshole of all time.  That he's moving because I accused him of stealing a dollar, that he can't find work.  He spoke of losing his title, and wanting to that must have some truth.  Nothing was mentioned that this was the fourth time money was missing right from wallet, and now one else had been here.

He texted me tonight stating he's waiting on legal aid to call him back about the jeep, and that he would be packed this week.  I replied and said I'd prefer he be out by Friday the 9th. 

I'm ready to wash the walls, clean the thoughts and remove the toxin that was Chris Antee. 


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