Thursday, November 12, 2015


having one of those days filled with secret memories and fond farewells.  I spoke to Randy a few days ago, after nearly seven months.  It may be me, but I could tell he wanted to get off the phone.  So...that chapter finally ends, to be referenced only in passing.

Things are coming full circle.  John has moved in and we're dancing around in an open relationship.  I'm feeling as if I've been away on a commercial break and just now rejoining the show that is my life.

Having the heart attack really has changed me, but not as much as the amputation or the ending of several friendships.  People change, silly I was to think I couldn't/wouldn't and was forced into it.   I get sad though when I miss those saturday nights with Randy and Katie.

Now I just have the four dogs and am a virtual recluse.   Music is still my escape and there have been some great ones surface.


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